Simply Wholesome 

If We Are What We Eat.... Well I Am Awfully Sweet 

We Explore The Edges of Flavor and Texture

Vegan Desserts 

1. Cheesecake                     
2. Carrot Cake                         
3. Banana Pudding (Small)      
4. Banana Pudding (Large)       $
5. Sweet Potato Pie 
6. KeyLime Pie 

Regular Desserts

1. Bean Pie 
2. Sweet Potato Pecan 
3. Sweet Potato Pie 
4. Pecan Pie 
5. Sweet Potato Pecan 
6. Carrot Cake 
7. German Chocolate Cake 
8. Double Fudge Chocolate Cake 
9. Vanilla Chocolate Cake 
10. Pineapple Coconut Cake 
11. Blueberry Cheesecake 
12. Peach Cobbler 

Simply Wholesome is proud to be a third-party supporter of the Shabazz Bakery