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Turkey Sausage Sandwich pictured with Eggs
Mc Muffin Sandwich pictured with Veggie Patty and Eggs 
Simply Wholesome is alllll vibes - great ones. I stopped by on MLK day and the place was lively and welcoming per usual. The line was long but the music was great and the service took no time at all. I ordered the Caribbean tacos with veggie patty and they were delicious! When the plate arrived I was slightly turned off by a massive mound of red onions - but once I realized they were pickled, I ate them all! Everything is always so fresh and well-seasoned! 

My favorite thing about coming to Simply Wholesome is the store! I mean, a place where you can eat an inexpensive & fresh vegetarian meal + buy rose water and black soap for your skin....what more could you ask for?? The cashier in the store referred to me as queen and wished me a Happy King Day and basically set the tone for a wonderful afternoon. 'Twas a good day indeed.

- Bella G, Los Angeles- Yelp 1/19/17

Good size sandwich with all natural ingredients. Loved the tofu with cooked veggies. Washed down with a tropical drink.

- DN Castro Valley, CA - Yelp    1/19/17